The Australian wine industry is one of the world's largest exporters of wine, with approximately 800 million out of the 1.2 to 1.3 billion litres produced annually exported to overseas markets. We source our highest quality wines’ from the best wine producing regions in Australia.


Highest quality 100% pure and natural Australian and New Zealand honeys including leatherwood, jarrah, manuka, raw, blended, organic, creamed, Leptospermum, iron bark, Tasmanian Leatherwood, eucalypt and several varieties of infused honeys. All commercial quantity orders can be packed according to your needs in small retail ready containers’ of different sizes or in large commercial barrels for rebranding.


Australian made pet food for happier, healthier cats and dogs. We are passionate and committed to supplying 100% Australian made cat and dog food that positively impacts the overall health of the pets. These canned pet foods are manufactured and processed in ISO certified manufacturing facilities that follow one of the world’s best hygiene standards. Based on your requirements of ingredients we can supply custom made pet foods for very large commercial orders.


Our manufacturers’ are forefront in providing quality products for export from countries like Australia, Malaysia, Spain & Turkey. We can provide four different types of olive oils: standard, infused, virgin and premium extra virgin. And, Canola, Palm or Sun Flower oil’s to suit your needs. Our products are ethically sourced from manufacturers’ that only associate themselves with farmers & growers who are committed to growing their products under a healthy environment and also follow strict international labour laws.


We bring the unique experience of Turkish coffee, which has a special place in Turkish society, is a culture in itself with its unique aroma, smell and taste. It is said that the homeland of Turkish coffee, which has a long history of 500 years, is the Arabian Peninsula. We can provide these pure Arabian coffee as roasted or unroasted beans or in ready to use individual packages of different sizes and flavours’ to cater your needs. We also can source and supply Australian and Italian roasted coffee in beans or ready to use packages.


The history of Indian spices is almost as old as the ‘human civilization of Spices ‘. Conquering tribes from all around the world invaded India with several goals, but most importantly, to take advantage of Indian spices. We bring the world’s best quality spices to your door.


We distribute FDA (USA), CE & Products listed in ARTG (ARTG number: 340011) medical equipment and protective clothing. All products are quality checked in Australia to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We provide hospital grade (sterilised) and consumer grade protective cloths. Don't risk your staff and customer health and safety by purchasing inferior products. Contact us today to get a competitive quote. We cater small and large businesses.

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Established and registered in 2017, Inntex Integrated has been operating as a trading company as well as an OBL manufacture. Our products meets world class standards and has required certifications export market. We need to put history, and our head office details

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Consultancy | OBL Services

We can provide consultancy services in project management, food services management, audits based on HACCP, and supplier quality assurance programs. Our technical staff have combined expertise of over 70 years in the industry to assist your needs. Our audit process are designed to identify gaps that will help your company or organization to increase efficiency and productivity. If necessary, our auditors and quality assurance personnel will do a site inspection and follow up with necessary process. Through our partnership network of manufacturers’, we can provide Own Brand Labelling (OBL,) solutions to suit your needs and market.

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Ethical Sourcing

We ensure our manufactures and suppliers conduct their business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. In addition to respecting human rights, we expect them to follow all relevant local laws, not engage in corruption, fraud or bribery and to notify us of any conflict of interest. Most cases, if required we invite our clients to conduct manufacture’s plant / factory tours..

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